About Us

CMC Coin is the brainchild of the Crypto Marketing Company.

We have over 50 years marketing experience specialising in Media and everything marketing!
We have successfully launched a vast array of crypto projects for other devs and founding teams, but we have seen the same pattern and mistakes being made repeatedly no real marketing strategy, no ongoing marketing, and no strong use case.
Despite advising our clients of the importance of these key factors it fell on deaf ears and and behold the projects never really reached their full potential. We were completely disillusioned and frustrated by seeing the same pattern of failure!

We realised that the teams behind the projects are tech guys, not marketing experts, and they missed the most important factors in growing the projects after they launch.

We have set out to build a brand within the crypto space that has gathered massive momentum over recent months, seeing the birth of the Crypto Marketing Company, Crypto Weekly, and soon to be joined by our pioneering payment gateway and our other exciting media outlets which will transform the way in which Crypto can reach the mass market, influencing how people view Crypto.

This has bought us to this pivotal moment
of launching our very own Coin.

After looking at many coins in the crypto space and identifying individual problems with each coin we have spent over 12 months building a set of unique tokenomics that will give this project, not only a strong chance of growth, but will truly incentivise investors to hold their coins to maximise the growth of their investment. The CMC coin has been developed with some core principles in mind:
A fully doxed and transparent Team of founders, each with a unique set of skills to offer the project.
A coin that has a real use case with the potential of adding further use cases In the future.
incentives to hold the coin for as long as possible in a way that no other coin offers.
A coin that has a real use case with the potential of adding further use cases In the future.
A continuous marketing campaign with an ongoing and daily increasing budget.
15,000 products worldwide, high yield steaking pool and an integrated crypto magazine that offers other projects a huge discount for paying for advertising with CMC coin.
Not only have we developed and invested in something truly different, but we know that we have the experience, expertise and tenacity to follow a solid and robust plan. We are not implementing a roadmap based on wishful thinking, but one that’s already in place and funded by the CMC founders prior to launch.

We know what makes a project work in the crypto space! We won’t promise you something we can’t deliver, and we do not hide behind anonymity! We have a strong belief in doing the best for our clients and in this case, we will do the best for you as a CMCC Holder.

The company is made up of two managing partners and is backed up by a team of specialists that each have their own unique set of skills from blockchain and solidity development to graphic design executives.
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