Buy - Transfer - Sell Fees

Other Aspects

50,000 CMC Maximum sell per Hour
Weekly Reflections will be paid in USDT to all holders that hold their coins between 12am Monday UK time and 11.59am the following Sunday UK time.

Monthly Reflections will be paid in USDT to all holders that hold their coins between 1st – 30th of each month.

The CMC team have implemented a unique function into its smart contract that allows us to pay reflections in any other coin from time to time, in order to financially benefit the community (BTC, BNB, ETC or even new project coins at whitelist prices).

Initial Distribution and
Coin Circulation

50 Million Maximum Coin Supply

7.5% soft cap – 15% hard cap

3,750,000 / 7,500,000 coins

18% founders’ tokens (Released over 18 months)

9,000,000 coins

2% Airdrop fund

1,000,000 coins

15% Marketing wallet

1,000,000 coins

Use case

We have been secretly developing our own cryptocurrency payment platform. We intend on launching our own website that will allow users to initially purchase one of 25,000 products worldwide that will be delivered direct to their door, the number of products will grow rapidly as the website progresses. We will also be integrating a number of other cryptocurrencies over the coming weeks and months to also allow holders of other coins to purchase the same products. This will gain even more awareness for the CMC brand. Our New Payment gateway will allow all retailers around the world to use the CMC system to accept crypto payments for the products that they sell and reach a whole new market of possible customers.

CMC group have also launched “Crypto Weekly” magazine and already have a weekly subscription base of over 120,000 cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This makes us the largest subscribed to weekly cryptocurrency magazine in the world. With such a high readership level, it has been an essential tool to other projects looking to advertise themselves. With this in mind and to encourage other crypto projects to buy CMCC, we will be offering a massive 45% discount from our standard advertising rates if they pay with CMCC. This will certainly give a very strong reason for projects to buy and use CMCC for advertising space and banner ads, which in turn earns our investors high reflections and bigger price increases over a long period of time.

More marketing-based platforms are planned to be introduced to our network over the coming months and this is something that our business development team are continuously working on.
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